East Gippsland Family History Groupinc.
Have you been inspired to trace your family history? Do you think you have done all that there is to find on your family and want to investigate some of the new records that are available? Either way, our Group can help you. We can assist in kick starting your research or delving deeper into your family history.  If you live in our region you can visit our rooms (check our open hours), pay a day visitor fee or become a member and benefit from year long access to all of our resource. If you are unsure of anything one of our members will be only too happy to assist you find your way around the books, printers and computers.  Our library has a large collection of local histories, many which you will not find anywhere else in our region. We maintain extensive indexes and are constantly updating and improving access to all of our records. We have the only public accessible digitized copies of The Bairnsdale Advertiser and Every Week from 1882 to 1972. This excedes what is available on Trove. (If you don’t know what Trove is that in itself is enough reason to come and talk to us!) Often people have made or start or have basic information and just don’t know where to go or look next and we are excellent at breaking through those brick walls that have stifled your research. We can help you create a history that is more than just a string of dates and places. We can help you tell the story of your family.   Our computer resources and online access will keep you occupied for hours and hours. We have access to thousands of indexes either through our own databases or online. We suscribe to all the main stream family history sites, including Ancestry and findmypast which you can access as part of your small membership fee. We also have an extensive collection of Parish Plans in both hard copy and digital format for Victoria which we continue to add to on a daily basis. These are invaluable if you are fortunate enough to have early settlers who selected the land first giving access to land files and more. The only way to know how we can help you is to visit the rooms and see the resources for yourself but if you are unable to come to us we can do research for you at a small fee.  We have a wealth of experience in researching families in this region and this is available to you if you need any assistance. If you would like us to do the research for you please click here. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in at our rooms one day soon.
East Gippsland Family History Group offers a diverse range of research opportunities.