East Gippsland Family History Group is engaged in many projects which preserve the Heritage and Culture of East Gippsland and the wider Australian Community
Their Duty Done
A    permanent    website    with    the    names,    biographies    and    photograph    (where    possible)    of    every    East Gippslander   who   lost   their   life   as   a   result   of   their   participation   in   the   First   World   War   is   published   to   our website: .   This research portion of this project will continue until at least 2019.
Many   thousands   of   hours   are   spent   making   these   projects   turn   from   idea   into   reality.   These   hours   are   all   given freely by dedicated and committed volunteers.  What we end up with is unique resources for future generations.
Bairnsdale Cemetery Project
Transcribe, index, photograph and publish a database of all burials at the Bairnsdale Cemetery
A   project   that   has   been   on   going   for   many   years   has   been   the   photographing   of   the   Bairnsdale   Cemetery. Not   so   long   ago   it   was   decided   that   the   project   should   be   made   more   ambitious.   Our   dedicated   volunteers are   diligently   transcribing   the   details   from   the   sextons   records   and   cross-checking   these   against   the   burial records   and   photographing   each   and   every   headstone   and   marker   in   the   Bairnsdale   cemetery.   This   will produce    a    definitive    data    base    with    links    to    photographs    of    each    headstone    and    memorial.    These committed   volunteers   are   out   at   the   cemetery   in   all   weather   taking   the   digital   images   of   each   burial   site.   We will ultimately be producing a DVD of this databse for sale.
Bairnsdale Hospital Register
A database of admissions to the Bairnsdale Hospital 1907 to 1913. The data had been entered and is now awaiting completion into a cohesive entity with photos of each page and search capability.
Births, Death and Marriages from the Bairnsdale Advertiser
This project started some years ago by life member Rhonda Toomey who collected all the birth, death and marriage entries from the Bairnsdale Advertiser. These books of cuttings are being transcribed to a spreadsheet.
Digitising The Archive of Research Requests
Since   the   formation   of   East   Gippsland   Family   History   Group   in   1979   many   thousands   of   expert   volunteer hours    have    been    spent    responding    to    research    requests    from    all    over    the    world.        All    this    work    has    been accumulating   into   a   very   valuable   resource   for   researchers.   Currently   it   is   all   in   ring   files   and   plastic   envelopes with   a   card   index   system   that   allows   access   to   those   present   in   the   rooms.   We   have   started   a   project   to   copy each   page   and   link   the   pages   to   a   database   of   names.   This   will   protect   the   many   hours   invested   by   our members   from   fire   or   flood   and   also   make   the   information   easier   for   family   historians   to   access.   This   a   huge undertaking   as   there   are   many   thousands   of   pages   to   copy   and   enter   in   to   the   database.   Anyone   interested   in helping out?
Other Projects
There   are   a   number   of   other   projects   under   way   and   we   are   happy   to   provide   an   interesting,   potentially valuable activity to members who are willing to participate
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