Your   membership   is   the   reason   The   East   Gippsland   Family   History   Group    has   grown   into   one   of   the     leading   venues   for   family   history   research   and   the   preservation   of   our   moveable   culture   in   Australia.   EGFHG is on par with groups from around the world.
Membership is open to all levels of family historians. People just starting out can count on assistance and advice from our experienced members. Those with a little more experience can rely on the group to point you in the direction. Those   who   have   consider   that   they   have   completed   their   family   history   through   internet   resources   will   be surprised how much additional information is available. We   specialise   in   breaking   through   “Brick   Walls”   so   if   you   are   at   a   brick   wall   then   its   just   possible   that   in   our archives we have the missing link or the expertise tohelp you through that wall.
Membership entitles you to:- Access our rooms in Morgan Street Use of all the resources and facilities Regular editions of our Journal  ‘The Black Sheep’ Help from our expert volunteers Attend our monthly gatherings & listen to our guest speakers Learn new skills Participate in a worthwhile preservation project. Help out at our fund raising activities. Meet new friends with  similar interests. Have Fun
Membership Fees
East Gippsland Family History Groupinc.
To become a member of the East Gippsland Family History Group the fees are $40 per financial year and a once only $10 joining fee. If paying after the 30 September fees are on a pro-rata basis and we offer discounts for students and mutliple members at the same address. If wishing to join as a new member please email our secretary as below. Membership can be renewed annually by direct debit into our account. East Gippsland Family History Group BSB 633 000 A/c 111714218 We would ask that you make some notation that indcates who the payment is from and email our  to advise payment.
What are the benefits of group membership?