Reproduced below are a number of newspaper article and press releases that have appeared in the local paper. In the past our group has been instrumental in reuniting names artifacts, contribution to community commemorative service and hosted functions at the rooms.
East Gippsland Family History Groupinc.
The group was instrumental in reuniting this WW1 relic with descendents of the original owner who now live in South Australia.
Visiting youth groups are always welcomed and we look forward to opening their eyes to their family history.
Internet access allowed the group to create a memorial booklet for the Bairnsdale Rowing Club when they rededicated their memorial in 2015. In this booklet all members of the rowing club who lost their lives in WW1 were documented and remembered at the ceremony.
Our Open Days are always popular and we regularly welcome new members and visitors. On many occassions travellers from outside the region have made the effort to take advantage of our open days.