Listed   on   the   pages   below   are   many   hundreds   of   names   that   form   part   of   the   Family   History   research   being undertaken by our members. In many instances these represent brick walls that the member is appealing for help with. Sometimes it is members hoping to find people who are researching the same family tree. If   you   can   help   or   are   curious   about   a   connection   then   you   are   encouraged   to   contact   the   member   through The East Gippsland Family History Group. You   are   welcome   to   email   your   interest   /   inquiry   to   stating   the   details   of   the record   on   these   pages   and   include   the   member's   membership   number   and   your   contact   details.   We   will   pass on your interest to the member with your contact details.
If you are a member and you wish to have names included on these Members Interests lists please email us at  (Copy and paste into the address bar of your email client) Please be sure to include:   Family name to be researched. Period. Location (City,town, village or region) County or State. Country Membership number The Chapman Codes for locations county, state, country etc can be found at
or by doing a Google search for Chapman Codes
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