EGFHG Inc. is largely funded by the efforst of its members. We receive some support from the East Gippsland Shire Council in the form of rent assistance and, as all heritage groups in East Gippsland do, we receive limited funds from the Heritage Network East Gippsland who are also funded by the East Gippsland Shire Council.  Our membership fees are an important revenue source for the group. We regularly apply for grants for projects however, as with most things, funding is hard to obtain. We have had success in the past for digitising newspaper projects and hope to have success again in the future with other projects we are investigating. Our fund rasing committee are constantly promoting raffles which brings in welcome additional funds every year as do our Bunnings sausage sizzles but much of this additional income is absorbed by operational costs and regular bills such as lighting and heating. We are always trying to provide our members with new and better research tools which are increasingly expensive. Maintaining a modern professional quality printer, subscribing to internet Family History services, purchasing dvds with specialist interests, keeping our computers functioning and up to date are only some of the challenges we face. Through our fund raising efforts, last year we were able to purchase a second-hand server computer built to corporate standards and specialist server software. This has enabled us to run our computers from the one server which is specially designed to give access to all of our datd from any computer and has inbuilt backup facilities. We are interested in trying to acquire a digital microfilm/fiche reader. EGFHG has a huge collection microfilm, some of which is rare and almost unique. We currently view these on antiquated microfilm and fiche readers and a replacement machine will cost us many thousands of dollars. Many of our members gladly volunteer for any and every fund raising opportunity, however any offer of help is welcome and invited. Any donation or gift which is intended to further the groups aims of collecting, protecting and making widely available historical, cultural or heritage documents and records can be issued with a receipt which the taxation depatment will accept as tax deductible.
East Gippsland Family History Groupinc.